Invest in E-commerce Businesses at a 2.5x SDE multiple or less

We focus on privately sourced distressed
situations, and we turn them around.

Recent Deals

$300,000 SDE

Shopify business bought for


in October 2022.

$900,000 SDE

Amazon FBA business bought for


in April 2023.

Our Business Model

We buy e-commerce businesses at 2x or less multiple.

We build to sell until we have three years of tax records.

We sell them with an SBA loan at 3x to 4x multiple.

Mini Case Study Example

$900,000 SDE Amazon FBA bought in April 2023

Goodwill: $500,000

Working Capital/Inventory $750,000

Equity Investment: $400,000

Debt: $850,000

$1,000,000 SDE in 2025

Goodwill: $3,000,000

Working Capital/Inventory: $1,000,000

Exit for $4MM

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